Capitals Announce Opening Day Roster

The Summerside D. Alex MacDonald Ford Western Capitals have made the final cuts, and have established their team to start the season. “This was a very difficult camp, the guys all came in shape and worked tremendously hard, so hard that it took longer than expected to select the roster.” -Head Coach Billy McGuigan “Hats off to our scouting staff, as the first four picks in this past draft all made the team with the rest of our picks battling for spots for the coming years.”

Just when you think this “older” team is set for a big season, two 16 year old players (Marc Richard and Ed McNeill) cracked the line up as well as 5 17 year old players (Bennett MacArthur, Colby MacArthur, Josh MacDonald, Hunter Bradley, and Colin Campbell) this young squad will have to rely on the veteran core group in guys like TJ Shea, Brodie MacArthur, Brodie MacMillan, Kallum Muirhead and Jesse Annear to carry the load during the adjustment stage.

The Capitals kick the season off on the road on Friday, September 14th in South Shore at 7pm and back at it on the 15th down in Yarmouth to take on the Mariners at 7:30pm.

Final Roster with numbers:

1- G Daniel Thompson (2000)
2- D Ed McNeill (2002)
3- D Jesse Annear (1998)
4- D Hunter Bradley (2001)
5- D Brodie MacMillan (1999)
6- D Kyle Nichol (2000)
7- F Austin Taylor (1998)
8- F Riley Smith (1998)
9- F Kayden Peck (1998)
10- F Kallum Muirhead (1999)
11- F Bennett MacArthur (2001)
12- F Colby MacArthur (2001)
14- F Zach Thususka (1999)
15- D Michal Sivek (1999)
18- F Calum MacPherson (2000)
19- F Cam Roberts (2000)
22- D Noah Massie (1999)
24- D Colin Campbell (2001)
27- F Brodie MacArthur (1999)
28- F Josh MacDonald (2001)
29- F Chandler Wood (2000)
30- G Dominik Tmej (1999)
79- F Marc Richard (2002)
81- F TJ Shea (1998)